Monday, June 14, 2010

Just life

Being a Disabled Veteran (D.V.) that has been medically retired at the prime of his life can be hell in it's self. But now being a Med. Ret. D.V. trying to support your family and do a job that would be easy with out any injuries, but yup you guessed it i am not with out any injuries, physical and mental. The job that i was working at they knew about my disability ( I found out from my wife that my boss was scared that i might go "postal" because of my PTSD, gotta love small ass towns. yeah i know what a little bitch my boss is.) they still had me doing the most labor intensive work that there was, there were other jobs that i could have done with out bending over and picking up large pieces of stainless steel every 5 seconds. So that night i had to leave early because my leg was going to numb. Then the next day my father-in-law is going ballistic (that'll be another day) because my boss talked to him and I'm guessing that my boss failed to include all of my conversation, and just said that i didn't want to work there anymore. well today i am going to see my doctor to see if i fucked up my surgery on my back. Speaking of that i got to go so i can see my Doc.

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